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LS-00EN. Computer Networks & Networks Technologies - Syllabus 2021. (pdf)

Due to the 3th wave of COVID-19, lectures will be held remotely via Zoom
from 11.10.2021 to 31.12.2021.

For lectures in Zoom, you need a computer or tablet (at least a smartphone) with the Internet, preferably with a microphone (a camera is not required). How to master Zoom:

  1. Install Zoom for your system;
  2. Look Zoom Joining & Configuring Audio & Video;
  3. Testing your internet connection for Zoom;
  4. Connect to the lecture in Zoom by entering your Name-Surname and passcode: you know what.

Lection Slides

I. Overview OSI/RM & TCP/IP

LS-01EN. Networking Standards and the OSI Model. (.pdf)

LS-02EN. Review of Important Networking Concepts. (.pdf)

II. Physical Layer & Media

LS-03EN. Network Classification. Topology, Hardware, Transmission Media. (.pdf)

LS-04ENa. Data Communication. Line Coding. (.pdf)

LS-04ENb. Block Coding, Scrambling. (.pdf)

III. Data-Link Layer

LS-05EN. Error Detection & Correction. (.pdf)

LS-06EN. Multiple Access. (.pdf)

LS-07EN. EUI/MAC, ARP, Ethernet, VLAN. (.pdf)

IV. Network Layer I. IP, Addressation, Subnetting, ICMP

LS-08EN. IP - Internet Protocol. (.pdf)

LS-09EN. IP Addressing. Subnetting, supernetting. IPv6 addressing. (.pdf)

LS-10EN. ICMP - Internet Control Message Protocol. (.pdf)

V. Transport Layer

LS-11EN. TCP and UDP. (.pdf)

VI. Network Layer II. Forwarding & Routing

LS-12EN. IP Forwarding. Routin Tables. (.pdf)

LS-13EN. Dynamic Routing DVA. RIP. (.pdf)

LS-14EN. Dynamic Routing LSA. OSPF, AS, BGP. (.pdf)

LS-15EN. Multicast. IGMP, PIM. (.ppt)

VII. Application Layer

LS-19EN. FTP, TFTP. (.pdf)

VIII. TCP/IP Administration & Security

LS-20EN. TCP/IP Attacks, Defenses and Security Tools. (.pdf)


IX. Modern Networks Solutions

LS-22EN. Modern Networks Solutions. (.pdf)


0. Briefly

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